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Dt. Neelam Dhanagar



If you searching for diet consultation in Surat, Ahmedabad ( Online), Dietician Neelam Dhanagar is One of the Best Dieticians in Surat & Ahmedabad ( Online). her experience and knowledge helped a number of patients to adopt a healthy life. All her diet plans are easy to adopt and will give you results in no time. She is undoubtedly the best and experienced Nutritionist and Dietician In Ahmedabad (Online), Surat.

Dr. Shantanoo V Joshi

Physiotherapist (B.P.Th , MIAP),

Dr. shantanoo v joshi. Leading physiotherapist in mumbai since 12 13 years. treating patients with preoperative post operative surgeries, any musculoskeletal disorders, Gynacological disorders, specially ANC and PNC care. Neurological conditions like paralysis, hemiparesis, parkinsons, bells phenomenon etc.He is a physiotherapist to football team, malkhamb and gymnastic at shivajipark ground situated in the heart of the city called Dadar. also Dr.shantanoo joshi has been a physiotherapist to various politicians, ministers, celebrities, tycoon's and TV stars, Being human foundation.He is very much attached to the television industry by his interviews,seminars and tv serials on various channels like ABP News, Aaj Tak, ABP Maza, Sony, SAM TV, MI Marathi.

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