An Experience

Best Dietician in Ahmedabad. available offline in surat and online  all over the world. handling 10 k + clients in the USA, Dubai, Canada, Australia, Texas etc.  We believe in a Total nutritional balanced diet.


12 years experience in the diet field, worked with various gyms and hospitals and serve more than 10 k clients all over the world Online like USA, DUBAI, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, PHILIPINES ETC. Dietician Neelam Dhanagar is One of the Best Dieticians in Surat & Best Dietician in Ahmedabad ( Online). her experience and knowledge helped a number of patients to adopt a healthy life. All her diet plans are easy to adopt and will give you results in no time. She is undoubtedly the best and most experienced Nutritionist and Dietician 

I always believe in healthy eating, not in a crash diet.

Feel the taste in diet

Diet also can be tasty & nutritious. are you torturing yourself by eating tasteless diet food ?..change your mind, and learn how a healthy diet gives magic in your life without any kind of starvation and tasteless food.

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