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Reshape Slimming Wellness & Diet Center

If you are searching for diet consultation in  Ahmedabad – Surat- Gujrat – India , Reshape Slimming Wellness & Diet Clinic is here to serve you the best. Reshape Slimming Wellness and Diet Center is a registered trademark company, Dietician Neelam Dhanagar is the Owner of the Company . giving service from 12 years in this field . we provides healthy eating diet plans and charts according to your lifestyle , Medical issues ,your daily routines, eating habits, meal choice .providing you totally customized  Diet Plan as per   body’s needs. Under our various Diet Programs, We will train your body to lose unnecessary fat and Restore nutrients  and achieve your health goal . We are available in  Ahmedabad  offline and for other places available online all over world . handelling 10 k + clients in  USA, Dubai , Canada , Australia , Texas etc .  We believes in Total nutritional balance diet,  by  our simple and easy to follow diet charts & plans . we are providing diet according to your body’s requirment of calories , carbs ,protien ,fat & other nutrients , no fancy diet , no crash diet and no supplements, you eat food straight from your kitchen. you will feel more energetic , your face & hair will be shining and glowing . [best dietician]

Diet for Thyroid Mnagement

Hormonal balancing plans to balance hormones naturaly

Pcod Management Diet

female hormone balancing plan to healthy body and fertility

Diet for Diabetes Management

Control your Sugar and your insulin naturally

Diet For Weight Loss

Customise Diet Plans for best result according to your lifestyle

Diet For Blood Pressure

Control your bp by changing your lifestyle

Diet for Weight Gaining

Healthy weight Gaining plans to bulid muscle and lean body mass

Why Choose Us

Nutrition Strategies

Our Best Dietitian in Ahmedabad prefer easy and convenient options for our Clients which helps to achieve their Targeted goal easily .

Healthy Diets

Dieting doesn’t mean to starvation and boring boiled food . It is about eating  according to your requirement   of all  nutrients  in Balanced , so diet is  easy and tasty .

Individual Support

Our highly qualified dietician track your Diet Records on regular basis and keep you motivated , helps to easy your Health journey


Taking regular followups via whatsapp, call , or on mail , motivate you towards your goal

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What Our Clients Say

I would like to thank mam for guiding me about healthy and nutritious diet. It is really awesome. Initially I thought I am not able to follow diet plans but with the encouragement of Mam, it has become my routine now. I really feel refresh and energetic. Mam you are the best dietitian ever I found online.
Neelam ma'am is very kind and understanding and an excellent online dietitian and nutritionist. My experience with her has been phenomenal. diet plans were excellent and easy to follow you are ever think you want to look for someone who can help you ,She is that person..
I am from surat and I have pcod problem and it was necessary for me to start a good diet so i randomly googled and i found neelam ma'am.. I started my diet 10 months back and the results are so mesmerizing..My pcod is so much in control and other problems like pimples ...
Dietitian Neelam guides each and every way how to improve life style. she changed my lifestyle in such a good way in just 1month. i had lost 6 kgs in a month. with eating a proper balance diet. and her daily updates is very appreciated. not only present but future guidance too she explains very well. She makes understand what is good for my body or not. which i never knew about me.

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