weight loss


20 kg weight loss with body shaping and nourished skin . followed well by him , he is very dedicated towards his diet plans and exercise during the programme.

weight loss

Jainam Shah

15 kg weight loss in very short period of time , very enthusiastic and dedicated person , very well followed the plans in his totel journey of weight loss 


loss 13 kg with his hectice school schedule…Very proud on him ,dedication , understanding is very high in him , her mother help him to achieve this goal .

weight loss diet


Reduce Stubborn fat, got glowing tight skin and confidence from inside 


She lost 10 kg in 2 months with a balanced diet, achieving her goal in a particular time.


Reduce 10 kg weight with body shaping , followed very well 


Inch loss is her need which he loss by balanced diet


Sadhana ji reduce 12 kg fat weight , very dedicated person


Fat loss, inch loss, tummy reduction, skin improvement 


Gain 10 kg weight without any protien powder , Only followed banaced diet with regular workout

Weight Loss Naman Shah


Loose 20 kg weight without any crash diet, 5-6 meals per day meal pattern followed.

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