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Best Dietician in Surat . available  offline in surat and  online all over the world. handling 10 k + clients in the USA, Dubai, Canada, Australia, Texas etc.  We believe in a Total nutritional balanced diet.


12 years experience in the diet field, worked with various gyms and hospitals, and serve more than 10k clients all over the world Online like USA, DUBAI, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, PHILIPINES ETC. Dietician Neelam Dhanagar is One of the Best Dieticians in Surat (Online ) & Ahmedabad ( Offline ). her experience and knowledge helped a number of patients to adopt a healthy life. All her diet plans are easy to adopt and will give you results in no time. She is undoubtedly the best and most experienced Nutritionist and Dietician 

I always believe in healthy eating, not in a crash diet.

Feel the taste in diet

Diet also can be tasty & nutritious. are you torturing yourself by eating tasteless diet food ?..change your mind, and learn how a healthy diet gives magic in your life without any kind of starvation and tasteless food.

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